Mulan (2020) Review

Mulan (2020) Review 1

Disney revisits the story of Mulan with a live action twist and an attempt to re-tell it closer to the source legend.

Utopia Review

Utopia Review 1

Seeming to reflect on the times, Utopia presents dangerous ideas without taking time to comment on them. It’s well acted but should have been left to the Brits.

Fantasia Festival 2020 – Come True Review

Fantasia Festival 2020 - Come True Review 1

Thrusting you into the world of waking nightmares, Come True is a stunning feature reminiscent of Cronenberg and the most styled of terrors. It’s narrative keeps stakes low and it’s finale kicks them to the curb, so it never goes all the way, but it’s worth the blue toned-synth wave ride nonetheless.

The Boys Season 2 Episodes 4-8 Review

The Boys Season 2 Episodes 4-8 Review

The sophomore season of Prime’s cynical superhero black dramedy ups every single ante, digs deeper into themes it previously just danced with and is grounded by the stellar performances of its leading cast. It’s ruthless, blistering, scathing, and all the other adjectives for just that.

Tenet (2020) Review

Tenet (2020) Review

Tenet is Christopher Nolan’s answer to a modern action film that cleverly bends time in stunning kinetic spectacle, at the cost of going too fast for audiences.

Fantasia Festival 2020 – Lucky Review

Fantasia Festival 2020 - Lucky Review 1

Using the best version of sci-fi horror, Lucky creates a ‘through the looking glass’ version of a woman’s reality. It uses the surreal to take on what is very real to so many that makes you frustrated and ecstatic in good measure.