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Reaching The Fans: How Crunchyroll is Growing the Anime Community

As a Canadian fan of Anime who started their own research journey in the early ’90s, I know how difficult […]

Passion and Fandom: The Mind Behind Netflix's Castlevania

Gaming is bigger than ever, with more people jumping on their phone or picking up a controller than ever before. […]

The King of Shadow: Talking with actor Ryan Zheng

Shadow was one of the most visually striking movies at TIFF 2019. It captures a period in China filled with […]

Television, the Internet, and What's Wrong With Social Media : An Interview with Halt and Catch Fire's Scoot McNairy

Scoot McNairy is a film and television actor currently wrapping up his run as Gordon Clark on the AMC show […]

Bed Sheet Poetry – An Interview With A Ghost Story Director David Lowery

Here’s a concept that shouldn’t work: a haunting meditation on life, love, death, and time starring Casey Affleck as a […]

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Interview With Jennifer Muro

With Disney now commanding the Star Wars Universe, fans are in store for a ton of new content taking place […]

Karin Konoval Talks War for the Planet Planet of the Apes - Interview

How to interview an orangutan?

Hugh Jackman and James Mangold Talk Logan at Noir Screening

It’s not every day that you get flown to New York just to watch a movie.

An Interview with Riverdale's Adain Bradley

It’s amazing just how many famous actors in Hollywood are actually from across the pond.

Buying a Piece of Resident Evil History

Since 2002, the Resident Evil film franchise has graced screens across the globe and 15 years later, the franchise and […]