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Paul (Movie) Review 1

Paul (Movie) Review

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are two guys who are more than happy to let their geek flags fly. They’ve made a career out of

Battle: Los Angeles (Movie) Review 1

Battle: Los Angeles (Movie) Review

It must be said that Battle: Los Angeles is a film with one special distinction going for it: never before has watching aliens blow up

The Adjustment Bureau (Movie) Review 1

The Adjustment Bureau (Movie) Review

Like all Hollywood adaptations of the writings of Philip K. Dick, The Adjustment Bureau takes one of the influential author’s sci-fi thought experiments and transforms

Drive Angry 3D (Movie) Review 1

Drive Angry 3D (Movie) Review

Nicholas Cage can be a frustrating actor as his taste for cinematic fast food can often undermine his talent. Sure, it would be nice to

I Am Number Four (Movie) Review 1

I Am Number Four (Movie) Review

I Am Number Four is one of those great blockbuster anomalies: a movie that wants nothing more to give the audience a giddy sugar rush

Sanctum (Movie) Review 1

Sanctum (Movie) Review

James Cameron’s name is plastered all over the marketing material for Sanctum, but that’s more of a sign of desperation for a studio hungry to

Splice (2009) Review

Splice (2009) Review

Though marketed as a monster-baby movie in the It’s Alive mold, Splice is actually one of the most intriguing genre outings in quite some time.

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Robin Hood (2010) Review

There are certain things you expect to see in a Robin Hood movie: an archery competition, the rich getting robbed, Merry Men living in trees,

Frozen (2010) Review

Frozen (2010) Review

Sometimes in horror movies, simplicity is key. Case in point: writer/director Adam Green’s latest thriller Frozen. The film follows three main characters, trapped on a