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Demolition Man 2 In Development According to Sylvester Stallone

Nostalgic revivals of franchises are nothing new — see Ghostbusters — but if someone were to tell me Demolition Man was getting a squeal almost thirty years after the original 1993 film I would find that hard to believe. Despite this fact, according to Sylvester Stallone, this is indeed the case and a second Demolition

2020 Fantasia Film Festival to Be Held Online

2020 Fantasia Film Festival to Be Held Online

With in-person gatherings still a long way off, festivals planning to take place this summer have had to look to alternative concepts. The major genre event the Fantasia Festival is one such event, now moving to an online-only format for 2020. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new event, now taking place Aug 20 to

Black Fawn Announce “Night of Digital Screams” Watch Party 1

Black Fawn Announce “Night of Digital Screams” Watch Party

With everyone stuck in quarantine, there has never been a greater need for new, riveting content to dive into. Thankfully Black Fawn Distribution has announced a free “Night of Digital Screams” watch party, offering up a triple bill of engaging horror content. In support of National Canadian Film Day, the stream will take place on

VFW (2019) Review 2

VFW (2019) Review

It is easy to imagine a world where VFW just did not work. With a concept focused on ageing combat veterans fighting off hoards of drug addicts, it could have easily fallen into old tropes, or simply not gone for the jugular in a way that worked.

After Midnight (2019) Review

After Midnight (2019) Review

Relationships are hard, and sometimes things fall apart. Looking back at all through rose coloured glasses, it is easy to gloss over struggle and only see the good times as people grow apart and a shared life starts to crumble away. Thinking you are living the same, shared dream only to find your partner has

Oscars 2020: Who Won At This Years Awards

Oscars 2020: Who Won At This Year’s Awards

It was a great year for genre cinema at this year 2020 Annual Academy Awards, with a massive show, from red carpets, to acceptance speeches, and as the dust settles, Phoenix wins Best actor for Joker, Renée Zellweger takes snags the Best actress and the fantastic Parasite wins Best picture.