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Mandy (Movie) Review

It’s easy to picture a reality where Mandy is a bargain-bin Rob Zombie or Eli Roth film.

Hold the Dark TIFF 2018 Review

“I’m not talking about animals here, Mr. Core. I’m talking about people.” The lead police officer in the snowy Arctic […]

Outlaw King TIFF 2018 Movie Review

In the 12th century, the King of Scotland, Robert the Bruce, was declared an outlaw by occupying English forces. Left […]

Opinion - Amazon's Anime Strike Doesn't Work

A few weeks ago, Amazon announced a paid subscription service specifically for anime called Anime Strike.

Explaining the Schism in Marvel TV

With all the hype surrounding Luke Cage and Doctor Strange, it’s easy to forget that there’s another major character making […]

Five Directors Who Should Make a Videogame Movie

Despite what David Cage would like you to believe, movies and videogames are fundamentally incompatible. Unlike comic books or novels, […]

Ghost in the Shell and Adapting Anime

Earlier this month, the trailer for the Hollywood remake of Ghost in the Shell was released. When the first still […]