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Robert Eggers Returns with First Trailer for Black & White Horror Film, The Lighthouse

Solitary Horror

Robert Eggers, The Director behind 2016’s The Witch, is back with his special black and white brand of horror, in the forthcoming film, The Lighthouse.

To evoke a real sense of nostalgia and tribute towards classic horror, The Lighthouse (William Dafoe, Robert Pattinson) was shot entirely on 33mm black & white stock. During its debut at Cannes, film critics have praised the film for its unique aesthetic and plot.

The Lighthouse takes place on a mysterious New England island, set in the 1890s. The story revolves around two lighthouse keepers as they descend into madness on the lonely and isolated island. A trailer for The Lighthouse can be viewed down below:

Egger’s last film, The Witch (2016) followed the tale of a family plagued by the dark forces of witchcraft in New England during the 1630s. The film saw mostly positive reviews with CGMagazine’s own, Phil Brown praising the movie for its haunting visuals and impressive writing. Like The Witch, The Lighthouse seems to concentrate on strong visual identity, and by shooting on actual film, The Lighthouse will likely impress both fans of modern and classic horror, alike.

The Lighthouse will see release October 18, 2019, exclusively in New York and Los Angeles, with a follow-up release in other parts of the world (no date has been given at this time).

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